Obamacare redux

The trials and tribulations of HealthCare.gov are legendary.  It appears that the government isn’t the only one who encounters challenges when trying to corral Big Data.

“Big-Data Overhaul Jolts Old Party Ways,” Wall Street Journal, October 22, 2014 A1. Apparently, the Republicans have their problems, too.  Brought in a Facebook engineer to try to centralize at the RNC  the data the various collections of voter data around a common software. Challenges: (1) the owners of the silos where the data resides and who market their own softwares to work with it are not willing to share,  (2) developing the software took longer than expected, and (3) the Facebook engineer ruffled feathers.  Reportedly, there’s a culture problem.  BTW, the Republicans are playing catch-up on this with the Democrats, who centralized years ago.

Trying to get information out of your organization’s silos?  Encountering resistance? Does your culture resist help from outsiders?

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