Ownership + Focus on use

One of the problems with Information Governance is that no one person “owns” it, or the majority of “it.”  Chief Data Officers are changing that.

“Tons of Data. Now To Put It to Use.” Wall Street Journal, October 20, 2014 R6. The CDO at Nationwide Mutual Insurance acts as “the ombudsman for the data.”  He “keeps track of [the data], vouches for it, and ultimately is responsible for figuring out how to turn it into profit.”

He finds that Ph.D.’s in psychology have many of the right skill sets, especially the ability to deal well with ambiguous data sets and a familiarity with statistics.

Key success factor: getting the other executives to trust the process.

Now, a CDO focusing on using analytics to make money is not the same as having someone “own” all of Information Governance, it certainly is an improvement on a CIO who doesn’t work the data or own the results.


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