The “st” metric

One form of information is metrics, or measures. But what do the metrics really measure, and are they being spun a bit?

“TV’s New Metrics,” Wall Street Journal, October 17, 2014 D1. Lots of data about the new TV shows, and how many and what people are watching them.  Which one has the most viewers? Between ages 18 and 49? Is that different from the biggest audience? Which is the funniest? Who has the highest score?  The most Twitter followers?

Common to the superlatives is a word with an “st” in it, e.g., most, biggest, funniest, highest.  Borrowing from Richard Levick‘s work on crisis management, on how communications capture eyeball share.  What information do you collect to which you can apply an “st” word to make your claim stand out? And how do you recognize the limitations on the “st” claim, when you are the reader?

How is all that information being used?


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