Doug Laney, now at Gartner, has written and spoken a lot over the past several years on the topic of what he calls “infonomics.”  He looks at how companies do and don’t place a real value of information.  He was kind enough to speak to my class of MBA students at Rice this past winter.

“What Is All That Data Worth?” Wall Street Journal, October 13, 2014 B1. This article quotes Doug and explores the dilemma of the value of information, and why it isn’t really measured with anything close to precision.  Is this the fault of the accounting profession not keeping up with the times? How do investors deal with this?

I highly recommend reading the entire piece, and following what Doug says about the topic in his blog at Gartner. Why doesn’t this get explored more in business schools, with the information-based economy?



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  1. Thanks Christian! The battle against the accounting aristocracy continues. 🙂 Ok, in reality I’m just interested in helping orgs become more disciplined and generate more value from available information assets. –Doug Laney, VP Research, Gartner, @doug_laney

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