Two for Tuesday

What do people do with the answers to those goofy questions they ask on the online application?

“As Personality Tests Multiply, Employers Are Split,” Wall Street Journal, September 30, 2014 A1.  This type of personality testing is a $500 million/year business.  Is that value of information, or value of using the information? Or the value of Psych majors?  Do you really know whether the person you didn’t hire would have been better?  Does this create a new way to discriminate?

How do you measure the value of the information you get (the analysis of the answers), or the value added to the improvement of the selection process (less bad hires)?  Who owns the information?  How do you protect it?

“Supervalu Hit With Second Hacking,” Wall Street Journal, September 30, 2014 B6.  After having been hacked once, Supervalu changed some controls.  But then they got hacked again.   May have affected 4 stores in Minnesota and some others that were sold to a private equity group last year.  They continue to provide IT service to the buyer.

Why them?  If you were the buyer, what’s your recourse?

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