Less information, more information.

First, “Phone Protections Alarm Law Enforcement,” Wall Street Journal, September 23, 2014 A4.  New Apple (and soon to be Google) technology to place photos, videos, and contacts of a locked iPhone outside the easy reach of law enforcement, even with warrants.  Just don’t backup on iCloud.  Take that, NSA.  And others.  Law enforcement will need to get the passwords from the users.

Second, and for me foremost, “Use of Voice Is Key To Managing Teams,” Wall Street Journal, September 23, 2014 B1.  For those who recognize the value of the brand of voice for internal corporate communications, three newish technologies: Talko, Slack, and Tango.  If Ray Ozzie supports it, I’m interested. Talko bridges the gap from groupchat to voice + video.  These have promise and are technologies to watch.

How will information governance policies and practices have to change to adapt?  How will ediscovery handle the unavailability of information on an iPhone, other than by forcing the disclosure of passwords and the like?

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