1.5% isn’t bad.

As reported earlier (a dozen nuggets), people who fail to confirm their immigration status may lose healthcare cover.

“Missed Deadline to Cost Coverage for Thousands,” Wall Street Journal, September 16, 2014 A3.  The failure to provide information is costing over 100,000 people their health coverage purchased through HealthCare.gov.  Another 279,000 are asked to verify income data in connection with health care subsidies.  Deadline is September 30, a little more than a month before the mid-term elections.

Take a moment to look at the information flows.  Eight million people apply for cover and get it.  It takes the US government only four months to resolve immigration discrepancies on a million enrollees, with only 1.5% of the 8 million applications unresolved (on this issue) in the first year of the plan’s operation.  How would you have verified the data?

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