Farmers’ Almanac 2.0

No, this isn’t about Martoma and his 9-year sentence for insider trading.  Nor is it about Home Depot’s admission of a breach that may have affected tens of millions of credit cards.  It’s about farming.

“Cargill Inc. Harnesses Analytics For Farms,” Wall Street Journal, September 9, 2014 B4.  Cargill starts a service to compete with DuPont and Monsanto in providing farmers advice on planting.  Can increase a farmer’s yield 5%-10%; no word on what yield Cargill gets, either from the service or from its sales of seeds or pesticides.

But clearly there is a market for this information, and the Big Three are competing in its sale.  Is there something novel you can sell to your customers that will increase sales of your main products?  Ben Franklin would be proud.

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