Arms race

Your football offense used to be widely successful with the back-shoulder pass.  Now it isn’t.  Why?

Studying the statistics, it appears that while height matters,  the length of the arms of the cornerback is decisive.  And the Seattle Seahawks were masters of the defense.

“How the Seattle Seahawks Changed the NFL,” Wall Street Journal, September 4, 2014 D6.

What does this have to do with information governance?  Think about the changing nature of metrics.  What were the performance statistics that the teams looked at when drafting talent?  Running speed, height, weight, etc.  Who knew before last year’s NFC title game that the arm length mattered?  Well, Seattle.

Will this start, forgive me, an arms race, as teams start looking for ever-taller receivers and ever-taller (and longer-armed) cornerbacks?  Don’t know.  But are the information metrics you monitor the right metrics, and are they changing?

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