Is fear the same as information?

I was struck by the extraordinary steps being taken to prevent us from an Ebola outbreak.  I recall a presentation on risk by Dr. Vincent Covello years ago in which he stated that you were less likely to contract HIV from a dentist who knew she or he had it than you were to contract it from a dentist generally. So how do you control,or mitigate that risk?  There’s just something about certain diseases that causes a visceral fear. They are viewed as loathsome.

Today, there were several articles in the Journal that seemed appropriate for a post. The coming collapse of the Internet infrastructure or the different prognostications about the upcoming college football season. But I went with the Ebola story. Why?

“Ebola Fears Prompt Extraordinary Precautions,” Wall Street Journal, August 14, 2014

Is public concern a “factoid” that you factor into your company’s operating decisions?  Should it be?  How do you “use” fear?

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