I posted a piece a while ago about a proposal to NOT report breaches.  And even before that on USIS, the company hired by the US government to vet contractor security clearances for Edward Snowden and the Navy Yard shooter (nobody remembers his name).  The two themes collide, maybe.

“Network Attack Hits Security Contractor,” Wall Street Journal, August 7, 2014 A3.  Reportedly they were hacked by a foreign state, who targeted information on DHS employees.   I guess it would have been better if they hadn’t made the news as being a bit “weak” in the protection department.

What information do your contractors have about your employees, and how secure is it?

And a different type of spies checking out your postings on Facebook and the like.  In Russian, no less.

“Spies Plugging Into Social-Media Networks,” Wall Street Journal, August 7, 2014 A4  Story about the Defense Intelligence Agency monitoring Facebook and other social media and capturing a post after Malaysian Airlines flight 17 was shot down.  Social media is apparently full of interesting information.

So, where’s your information and who’s looking at it?


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