Not since Nuremberg have such documents been seen.  Is the compelling need to keep records, even of atrocities, part of the psychosis?

“Bashar al-Assad’s Grim Catalog of Death,” Wall Street Journal, July 26, 2014 A1  A photographer for the Assad regime in Syria escapes, bringing with him a huge collection of photographs of bodies of alleged anti-government activists.  Together with evidence of a detailed method of keeping track of the circumstances of the deaths.

I guess the people collecting and keeping the data didn’t think they were doing anything wrong.  That’s one explanation.  What was this information used for?

What must be the cultural context where such things happen, both the deaths and the documentation?  Should you assume that everything you write will one day be published, above the fold, on page one in the Wall Street Journal? [Ed.: actually, this was below the fold, page 1.]

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