Resisting temptation

I was tempted to discuss the apparent breach/hack at the Office of Personnel Management, which keeps information on government employees. “U.S. Probes Federal Computer Hacking,” Wall Street Journal, July 11, 2014 A14  I was thinking about the breach notification implications.

But then I got to the last page of the last section.  “Now On Campus: Drones,” Wall Street Journal, July 11, 2014 D10  Did you know that there were degree programs at some universities for unmanned aircraft systems?  Drones (starting at $1,000) being used to monitor practices.  Closely.

What are the new sources of information?  Certainly, it is easier to see the utility of the information they can gather than perhaps it is to imagine the different uses to which the new technologies can be put.  What controls are there around the collection, storage, and use of this newly available information?


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