Confusing content

Consider Lois Lerner and her email saying, “Looked like they were inappropriately offering to pay for his wife [‘s travel]. Perhaps we should refer to Exam?”  This was in connection with an invitation to Senator Grassley to attend a meeting of some unnamed group.

Some has said that this was an attempt to start an audit of a powerful Republican senator.  Strict construction would suggest she was saying the inviting group should be examined further (although there is nothing wrong with making the offer).

“GOP: Lerner Sought Audit Of Senator,” Wall Street Journal, June 26, 2014 A4

Would we want to instruct those who work with us and for us to avoid ambiguity when suggesting starting tax audits of sitting Senators?  Do you agree controlling the content of business communications is a part of Information Governance?  What about the 69 words GM lawyers said not to use?



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