Emoticons for plaintiff’s lawyers

Even the smartest guys in the room write dumb stuff. But give them emoticons in their email? Let the plaintiff’s lawyers rejoice (and order a new jet).

“Tech Giants Discussed Hiring, Say Documents,” Wall Street Journal, April 21, 2014 A1 http://on.wsj.com/1iEnXH6

For the non-lawyer, agreements between competitors on who to hire and who not to hire are troubling; may be an antitrust violation. So when the wigs in Silicon Valley discussed hiring, that’s an issue. But when Steve Jobs was told of a recruiter from Google who was fired for recruiting from Apple, Mr. Jobs forwarded the email with a smiley face. Let the lawsuits commence (or continue).

How do you control what people write? Why do they get dumber on a keyboard or a phone keyboard? Why are senior execs a bigger problem?

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