Check Your Broker, cont’d

It’s good to know who passed their exam the first time.  Especially when you know that those who don’t pass the first time have more problems than those who do.  But do you care whether your lawyer passed on the first try or the fifteenth?  What about your stock broker?

FINRA (the trade association/self-regulating body representing brokers) doesn’t want you to know who failed SEC- and state-required exams when you go to BrokerCheck.  The Wall Street Journal posts an analysis of complaints and similar events compared to whether the broker passed state tests the first, second, third, or fourth time.

Interesting information.  Are you entitled to all information that might be relevant to your decision?  Are you comfortable with the (self-)regulator knowing this but not telling you?

“Brokers Who Fail Test Have Checkered Records,” Wall Street Journal,” Wall Street Journal, April 15, 2014 A1

What information do you have and what’s it worth to the user?

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