Who made the rope?

Capital punishment is one of those hot-button issues where people have strong opinions. But assuming your state has it, and someone is going to be executed, does he or she have the right to know who made the rope that is going to be used to hang them? Or is someone requesting the name of the rope manufacturer so that they can shame the manufacturer by tying (sorry) him to the product? And thereby reduce the number of noose manufacturers, thereby achieving a goal that they lost on at the ballot box?

“Most states shroud death drugs in secrecy,” Houston Chronicle, April 6, 2014 A3 http://bit.ly/1mTsMzq

Is the name of the maker of the execution chemical information that the condemned prisoner is constitutionally entitled to know? Sure, maybe the prisoner is entitled to reasonable assurance that the drug works. But beyond that?

Why is the information being requested and how is it being used? What’s the risk of disclosing this information, and how do you control or mitigate those risks? Maybe hanging isn’t so bad. Or more efficient.


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