The CPU of information governance

There’s lot of discussion of information governance. The top two factors, based on the volume of discussion, are Compliance and Protection. There cover what steps you need to take to comply with applicable law and corporate policy and what steps you need to take to protect the information you have. The third factor, less discussed, is Use – what do you collect and how do you collect it, and how do you use and reuse that information to make money.

This post is about Protection.

“Federal Agents Pierce Web-Anonymity Tool,” Wall Street Journal, April 1, 2014 A6

A web anonymizer, Tor, is apparently not as secure as we were led to believe. Or maybe it is. Does it hide your web travels from the Feds?

If you have employees who use Tor, is that a sign of a sick canary in the coal mine? Is it just to protect you and your company’s information from Uncle NSA?


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