The door, the box, the curtain

I didn’t know which story to pick. Microsoft and its efforts to combat software piracy through suits by states’ attorneys general or the lawsuits (2) against SK Hynix for alleged trade secret theft.

I go with the trade secrets. Toshiba sues SK Hynix and Tokyo police arrest a former SK Hynix employee for turning secrets over to SK Hynix in 2008. Toshiba and SK Hynix continue their technology joint venture (why they do isn’t explained).

About the same time, SanDisk filed suit against SK Hynix on Thursday for stealing trade secrets.

I see a pattern developing. Is Japan lax over trade secret protection, or is there just too much money at stake for employees to remain honest?

“Toshiba Sues Chip Maker Over Memory Technology,” Wall Street Journal, March 17, 2014 B5


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