Filling an empty page

If you’re in the news business, you are in the information business. If the public knows there’s a story, they look to you to tell/show it. If there’s nothing to report, you can not publish an empty page. If one side refuses to talk, print the other side’s version of the truth.

But if both sides won’t talk, you publish what you can, even if it’s tangential. It helps if it stokes primal fears.

“Stolen Passports Show Gaps In Air Security Around Globe,” Wall Street Journal, March 11, 2014 A1

This story has been around for years. Interpol maintains a database for stolen travel documents. But only three countries bother to check it. Au contraire whether your mouthwash is more than 3 ounces. So people traveling on two stolen passports get on the plane. So that makes it news.

Would they have gotten on the plane by paying with stolen credit cards? I guess getting paid is more important that knowing who you’re flying.


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