Three stories on page A5 of today’s Wall Street Journal highlight information governance issues.

Nine employees, alleged to have been involved in defrauding the government, were fired from US Investigation Services LLC, the company that determined Edward Snowden eligible for his security clearance. “Vetting Firm Fires Nine In Fallout From Probe,”

Outgoing (in two senses of the word) NSA head says NSA could achieve it goals by looking at a much slimmer slice of telephone details (which we are aware of solely because of Edward Snowden). “Narrower NSA Surveillance Broached,”

A hacker who bragged he “controlled the server of the Federal Reserve Bank” was indicted by the US government for hacking into computers at the Federal Reserve and stealing names , emails addresses and phone numbers. Faces possible extradition from the UK.”U.S. Charges Briton With Hacking Fed Computers,”

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