Intellectual property down on the farm

Thanks to iPad-equipped tractors and the like, farmers generate a lot of electronic data about how they plant crops.  But they wonder whether offers from big agriculture companies of technology to guide crop  planting will deprive the farmers of the value of their information.

“On the Farm, Data Harvesting Sows Seeds of Mistrust,” Wall Street Journal, February 26, 2014 A1

Recognizing that the collected data has value, who gets to profit from it?  Is this the same battle as net neutrality, or is it different? Do the mean agriculture companies get to benefit from making technology available on the cheap in return for the data flow?  Are the farmers uneasy because they don’t know how of when the data will be used?  Why not put the data into a space open to all, and let the agriculture companies sell their analyses of what it means?  Or is the secrecy of the competitive nature of the information that is the issue?

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