Function follows form

I had to dig for an article to post about.  It’s Sunday.   So I looked deeper.

So, you’re designing office space for a company that has three or four generations of workers, from the silverbacks preparing for retirement, to the seasoned players, to the up-and-comers, to the newly arrived. And everyone in between. Does how you set up the office assist with the internal information flow, and if so, is that part of information governance? Yes and yes.

“Design can help ease office space interactions,” Houston Chronicle, February 23, 2014 D1

From a management perspective, how do you access/harness the wisdom of the silverbacks, and how do you facilitate the transfer of that wisdom to the newly arrived? Chevron favors closed office space, while Shell prefers open plan. Some of this is to meet the cultural expectations of the silverbacks. And some to facilitating recruitment of new employees. Facilitating the information flow is part of management’s job, isn’t it, implicitly placing a value of information?  Information governance or knowledge management, do the labels matter, as long as the information flows?

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