Opening Pandora’s box

Pandora has apparently been selling space for political ads based on the Zip code of the user.  You enter your Zip code at registration and Pandora determines which county you live in.  Based on how that county has voted lately, you will get political ads favoring the prevailing party.

I thought that was a bit spooky.  But, hey, the service is free.

Now Pandora is refining its mining, by allowing this data to be further divided based on what music you listen to, and then extrapolating that to which political party you belong to.  That’s downright scary.

“Pandora Ads Will Tie Music To Politics,” Wall Street Journal, February 14, 2014 B1

I understand how they might deduce persuasion based on Bob Marley.  But what if you listen to Warren Zevon?

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