How many releases?

Yesterday I posted a blurb on Barclays, and the release just a few days before their results.  The release (hereinafter “the second release”) disclosed the earlier release (hereinafter “the first release”) of a bunch of client information, including passport numbers and national insurance numbers (in the UK).  I questioned the timing of the second release about the first release, coming as it did just days before the Tuesday release (hereinafter “the Tuesday release”) of Barclays’ results, scheduled for today, Tuesday.

Well, rolling the tape forward, apparently the numbers that Barclays was going to release on Tuesday leaked over the weekend, so Barclays was forced to release their Tuesday release on Monday.  I guess that’s the Monday release.

How much does this affect their brand?

“Barclays Posts Results A Day Early – Yet Late,” Wall Street Journal, February 11, 2014 C3

I think there’s a pattern developing. Who’s leaking it? How? Why?


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