Snowden Daily Double

Two blurbs, from page A3 to the Houston Chronicle, February 9, 2014.

First, “Media reveals secrets in error,”  Edward Snowden leaked a bunch of NSA documents to news media.  The news media has been keeping a lid on some of those.  Now, however, several news agencies inadvertently released the names of a intelligence target abroad and the names of several workers at the NSA.  Oops.  Multiple errors.  I guess they can’t keep secrets, either.

Second, in the adjoining column (in the print edition), “Snowden’s low-cost tool foiled NSA,”  Highlighting again the IT security wisdom is that the biggest threats are internal, investigators find that Edward Snowden inserted a web crawler inside the NSA’s systems to automatically check for and copy/download interesting items. This should have been “easily detected.”  I guess our secret squirrels were snoozing.  But it raises the question: do our systems protect us against this?



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