What’s reasonable?

It could have been about Chris Christie’s “governance” of the bridgegate scandal..

It could have been about David Kennedy’s testimony about Healthcare.gov security.

It could have been the Benghazi report.

But no.  No articles of note in today’s Chronicle about these.

I could have picked page 1, for President Obama’s handling of the overhaul of NSA and related practices.

But no, I picked cell phones.   “Cellphone cases test police search,” Houston Chronicle, January 19, 2014 A20 http://bit.ly/1eWRae0

Do the police need a warrant to check your cell phone if you are arrested for something else, say DWI? Is it reasonable to permit such searches incident to an arrest? What if it’s password-protected?  Can they require you to provide the password, as they may be able to do when you come into the country from overseas? One aspect of “information governance” is knowing what the requirements are.  http://www.archives.gov/exhibits/charters/bill_of_rights_transcript.html And conducting oneself in accordance with those as one attempts to achieve other subordinate objectives.


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