It’s all in the approach

Certainly information has value.  And more information has value.  But without analysis, what’s it worth?  As one does the analysis, does one generate useful information, or just interesting stuff?

Take, for example, the data about pro and amateur golfers captured on ShotLink.  All tournament shots since 2003.  What does the analysis show?  Why is Tiger Woods so good?

Tiger Woods is good not because he hits (or hit) the ball a mile, but because his approach shots are more accurate.  That accuracy  represents 46% of his advantage over other players.

Now, if you follow golf, statistics are interesting.  If you’re a pro golfer trying to compete with Tiger, this information can help you focus a bit. From an information standpoint, it shows the power of analytics when applied to a large data set.

“Research Debunks Golf Myths,” Wall Street Journal, January 18, 2014 A14  Analysis by Mark Broadie, a Columbia Business School professor.


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