What good is it if you can’t find it?

What good is information if you can’t find it when you need it? Do hashtags make that easier?

I don’t use them presently, either here or on Twitter, despite entreaties from my daughter and others.  But I am not trying to sell anything.

But if part of information governance/information management is being able to search and, more importantly, to find, aren’t hashtags of value?

“#hashtag takeover,” Houston Chronicle, January 12, 2014 G3 http://bit.ly/1aufT8d

Should I think more about the value of the occasional #infogov hashtag in Twitter?  Would this result in linking to more information that’s relevant to the topic?

Well, it was either that or the provision of taxpayer-funded laptops in Houston public schools.  And the inevitability of digital education.  Without the historic sense of community that being co-located allows.  “Local districts log in to next era,” Houston Chronicle, January 12, 2014 A1 http://bit.ly/1dHTpOt


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