No back doors, period.

Two hopefully unrelated stories:

1.  The consequences of NSA spying on foreign leaders (and others) are the mother of invention.  “New Drive for Snoop-Proof Phones,” Wall Street Journal, January 2, 2014 B3  Two French companies compete, one with hardware, one with software.  Zut alors!  No more breaking news items on Ms. Merkel’s chats, maybe.  No back doors, either, we hope.

2. Apple denies reports that it cooperated with the NSA in creating a back door into earlier versions of the iOS software used on iPhones.  More fallout from the Snowden cache?  See item 1, above.  NSA may want to listen to others’ calls, but doesn’t want others to listen to the NSA’s calls.  Go figure.  “Apple Denies Working With NSA,” Wall Street Journal, January 2, 2014 B3

What advice do you give to your business leaders on how to keep their conversations of company confidential information confidential?  What steps are reasonable to protect confidentiality?  Where’s the Cone of Silence when you need it?



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