Training your new puppy

How do you train a new puppy not to do something you don’t want him or her to do?

Step 1: Catch him or her in the “prohibited act.” Tell him/her “No” in a strong voice.

Step 2: Catch him or her in the “prohibited act.”  Explain that Daddy/Mommy doesn’t like that.

Step 3: Catch him or her in the “prohibited act” and quickly take him/her outside.

Step 4: Catch him/her in the “prohibited act” and pop him/her with a newspaper across the nose. [This may not be politically correct.]  Repeat as necessary.

“Phishing still hooks energy workers,” Houston Chronicle, December 22, 2013 D1  Companies that have told their workers not to open suspicious emails (Step 1) because of the risk of data compromise (Step 2); the companies then tell the employees that the company sends fake phishing emails to see who, internally, will click anyway (cute cat pictures seems to work), and then counsels those who still click (Step 3). Reduce carpet damage from 56% to 10%.

What do you do with the few who just don’t get the message and continue to open the test emails?

Got a newspaper?

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