How do you hide?

You’re a business that is build largely on your reputation for trustworthiness, in an industry built on reducing risk for its customers through better analysis.  Through a series of missteps, you’re in the news a lot following illegally profiting off of misuse of confidential information.  How do you fix it?

Change your name. (even though it’s your founder’s monogram).

“SAC Rethinks Relationships, and Its Name,” Wall Street Journal, December 13, 2013 C1

SAC has been in the news following allegations of insider trading and inducing employees of other companies to disclose confidential information.  So, in addition to paying a bunch of fines and returning money to its clients, why not change your name?  Maybe the Department of Justice will lose you in the shuffle.

What does a name mean, anyway?  Or is it a brand, tied to reputation?  What’s it worth? What are you selling, anyway?  Is your company’s name “information” that you want/need to manage?  Is this a job for the directors?


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