Stop digging.

Obamacare, from beginning to middle, provides lots of fodder for the information-phile in me.

“Insurers Seek to Bypass Health Site,” Wall Street Journal, December 2, 2013 A1

If you’re the one who needs to make insurance available to the folks who sign up, you need reliable access to their enrollment data and their identities, and proof that they are legal residents of the US.  If you can’t get that from, who ya gonna call? Connecticut is looking around.

What does this say about project management, where after the project has been identified and selected, you determine the applicable requirements before you begin to execute?  Were the requirements correctly collected?  How was (were) the technology(ies) selected and integrated?  What were the deliverables and who was in charge?

Could this happen with your project?  How would you plan to avoid these disasters/glitches?  Where in this process was there important information?  What controls were in place?


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