Whatcha’ goin do?

Your boss asks you to  something illegal.  You comply, for fear of losing your job. Was this a test?

I suspect your company doesn’t have a strong compliance culture.

“Ex-Analyst at SAC Cites Job Fears,” Wall Street Journal, November 29, 2013 C2 http://on.wsj.com/181UmSV

Jon Horvath says his boss made him do it.  The “it” involved getting and passing along inside information. In an insider trading trial, his boss’s lawyer says the boss was unaware that any of Mr. Horvath’s information had been illegally obtained.

How many compliance programs use a sting to find out whether employees will break the law if the boss asks them to?  Or would that be harmful to the sense of trust between the employees and their boss?  Would they believe their boss would really do that? (Either ask them to do something illegal or participate in a sting?

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