Hobson’s choice

The pickings in the Houston Chronicle were thin this morning. From an information governance perspective.

“Cables reveal depth of threat to U.S. by cartels,” Houston Chronicle, November 10, 2013 A20 http://bit.ly/1iX4MFf

US diplomatic cables (may be oxymoronic) disclose that US officials were deeply concerned that Mexico’s approach of killing or capturing top cartel members led to the replacement of those members by “undisciplined” folks, which in turn led to the massacre of innocents.

If you knew that your cable traffic will be declassified, would you ever write something that implies you should capture or kill cartel leaders?  If you are writing a diplomatic cable today, will you be totally accurate and complete in what you say?  Or will you leave stuff out?  Is this (a) thought control, (b) content control, or (c) declassification control?



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