Is it poor training?

“Report Blames Gulf Platform Explosion on Safety Lapses,” Wall Street Journal, November 5, 2013 B8

Owner of Gulf offshore platform accused of poor supervision of contractors, leading to poor safety culture on board the platform. Explosion kills three Filipino guest workers.  Government agency also cited company’s contractor for poor training and for failing to follow company’s safety guidelines.  Workers were welding a pipeline that still have flammables inside.  Failure of supervision as well. Contractor employee not trained well enough to issue hot-work permits.

Let’s see. Bad culture. Bad training. Poor supervision. Bad result. Go figure.

But does training really solve this? People failed to follow the process.  Was the process defective? Or supervision of workers’ adherence to that process? Did culture “permit” not following the process? Is “process” part of, or the product of, “information?

“Lessons from Longford” was not entirely wrong.


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