Governance requires a governor

Normally, I select a specific article and explore the information governance/management issues presented.  I digress here and point generally to the ongoing dust-up over the Health website.  Leaving politics aside ….

Who owns accountability for this? Not for the Health website project roll out, but for the information the government receives and creates in the normal course of its business?  Is it clear who is responsible for the security of the information collected by government agencies, and deciding what is collected from whom and how it is used?  The record retention requirements are different for the government, as is its exposure to the Freedom of Information Act.

It would appear that this falls to the heads of the various agencies, if at all.  And consistency is a bit of an issue.

Is there a Secretary of Information?  Should there be? Is the model different for a corporation?  If so, why? If not, why not?


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