Visa by fraud

As a general rule, it’s a felony to lie in a government submission, if that lie was to influence the government’s action.  See 18 USC 1519.

Now, assume you want to get a visa for a foreign worker to come to the US.  If you do it one way, it costs $5,000 and takes months.  If you can fit it under another provision, it costs $160 and takes days. If fitting it under the second provision, requires playing a bit fast and loose with the truth,  there’s a price premium for that: $34 million.

“In Visa Case, U.S. Accuses Infosys of ‘Fraud and Abuse’,” Wall Street Journal, October 31, 2013 B1

The US originally pursued criminal charges (a conviction apparently affects your business reputation and your ability to get visas, which, if you’re an outsourcing company, is a big deal).

Lesson learned? What culture and internal pressures led to this? What controls would have prevented it?


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