WSJ IT Report

Yesterday’s Wall Street Journal has a special report on information technology.  Wall Street Journal, October 21, 2013 Section R,

Topics include:

  • Wearable technology – new technologies gather more information and speed up delivery; new uses
  • Reuse of technology – new (?) finding that sharing existing technology is more efficient than building new
  • Downside of Big Data – who knows how to use the new analytical tools?; impact on internal politics; new metrics affect behavior; how to use; requires new thinking framework
  • Tools to assist collaboration – sharing is key, but must fit how people actually work
  • Protection from threats inside the wall – how to identify and prevent risky behavior
  • Dealing with departing/departed employees – information theft a lot easier; tools to detect; who has access to what
  • How to help new employees learn your technology – one-to-one training works best

What information nuggets do these address?  Certainly KM in a big way.  Improving use is another.  Protecting is a third.


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