I to the power of four

A critical step of managing anything is to identify what and where the “anything” is.  The approach is much the same whether you are talking about assets or people or money.  In information management, one of the terms to describe this step is data mapping, driven largely by the need to be able to respond to discovery demands in litigation.

“Chinese Seek Tally Of Debt,” Wall Street Journal, October 21, 2013 C1 http://on.wsj.com/17Evg8Y  Reports on the efforts to determine how much local Chinese governments have borrowed from banks and investors.

Think about the effort a company expends to collect and verify its financial information.  How much in sales, expenses, investments.

Is there a parallel effort to identify and inventory the company’s information assets?  For knowledge, who knows how and who knows what and who knows who?  For electronic information, what do you have and where?  For information required to be kept for legal or business reasons, where is the accurate and complete version?

And who owns the Identify and Inventory Information Initiative?  How do you measure his or her performance of the accountability?


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