Governance is about culture

I was tempted to tag J.P. Morgan again, this time for culling clients to reduce risk, but decided that was information, but not really the type of information and risk I normally focus on.  Then I thought about the Ahead of the Tape piece titled, “Loose Fed Lips Could Cause Blips,” dealing with the amount of transparency around the Fed’s discussions and the impact on markets.  But not really information in action, from a business side.  Wall Street Journal, October 9, 2013 C1. Or discussion of the potential impact of the breach of the debt ceiling, and the impact those discussions have. C3

One leaped out at me: “Mizuho: Ex-CEO Was Told of Loans,” Wall Street Journal, October 9, 2013 C3 Apparently, contrary to earlier reports by bank officials, the former head of the bank knew about loans to people close to organized crime.  Bank criticized by regulator for “lax compliance.” Now how do you go about establishing a culture of compliance (a necessary part of governance) when your CEO knows but does nothing.  “Lax compliance” seems mild.


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