Down with cookies. Raise the Drawbridge.

“Tech companies invent new ways to track users” Houston Chronicle, October 6, 2013 A10

Drawbridge is a company that can allow advertisers to see, through the apps you use and the sites you visit on your mobile device, where you go, what you buy, and when you go to bed. The technology mas matched 1.5 billion devices.  It replaces cookies as a way for advertisers to know who to “hypertarget” with an ad.  “[E]very time a user visits a website or mobile app,” a notice is sent to online publishers and ad exchanges, so they can send you an ad.  Mobile devices don’t do well with cookies.  Thank goodness someone fixed that problem.

Cool, huh? You never really thought your buying preferences were private.  Or that those free apps were free.  Let’s say this extra service is “included.”

From a business standpoint, what better time to reach out and touch a potential customer than when he/she has just searched a website for a product or destination or service?  Rather that sending ads to people who aren’t interested.


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