Ask then do

A slight departure from form.  This is not a news item, per se.  But does highlight an important information process point.

Great tweet by Nick Milton from Knoco on the premium that needs to be placed on asking or searching for knowledge before doing, as opposed to the emphasis on knowledge sharing after.

There’s even a short video.
How many projects include a checklist that require an entry for what you looked at before you began the work and who you talked with?  Who was the most valuable?  Would that give the manager (or client) a different level of comfort on the process? Documenting that you’ve completed the Learn Before step would seem to be at least as critical and powerful as an after action review.
I was struck several years ago when listening to Mara Nickerson at Osler (a law firm in Canada) about how that law firm helped train its junior lawyers.  When a junior wanted experience in an area, and an appropriate project came up, the junior was provided access to an online video summary of the topic and the process by one of the firm’s senior experts.  Then the junior could be added to the team.
As a client, knowing that an junior went through this process would make it more likely that I would accept the junior’s being assigned to my matter.
Osler, along with Wilson Sonsini (a West Coast law firm), combined their knowledge management activity with their professional development (i.e., training and learning).  They grok the value of information.

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