Chick peas

Not every post here is about NSA or director’s liability.

Today’s Houston Chronicle (September 22, 2013 D1 ) has a piece about Goya Foods, which has located a new manufacturing plant outside of Houston.

Information nuggets in the story:

  • increasing market for beans because people want to eat healthier
  • Houston a strategic location due to its economic growth, rail service, cheaper shipping to markets in western US and Mexico than from Buffalo, NY, lots of water, and room to expand.
  • 160 employees
  • optical sorter to detect and eject damaged beans (nobody like chipped chick peas); a camera checks each bean and defects are blown out of production by a puff of air)
  • changing demographics in US have increased Goya’s business

What role did information play in the decision to locate the plant in Brookshire? Was the information timely and accurate? Isn’t how the optical sorter works sort of cool, using technology (a camera and a puff of air) to detect and eject defects? How do you control that technology so it ejects the “right” and not the “wrong” beans?


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