Technology Supplement

Section R of today’s Wall Street Journal is chock full of technology articles, including “Stay Secure Without Passwords” (USB token to replace passwords), “Make Sense of Big Data, Visually” (conveying large amounts of data visually), “Close a Sale on the Road” (signing documents digitally), “Predict Which Employee Is Best Suited For a Position” (using data to predict performance), “Stop Information Theft by Employees” (software to prevent, detect, and respond to information theft), “Manage Mobile Devices” (several specialized software to help manage the use of personal devices with access to company network), and “Identify Experts In the Company” (an expertise-locator app).

With each new technology come new issues to be managed.  What are the implications (plusses, minuses, and interesting aspects) of these technologies on policies, information security, compliance, BYOD, records management, and knowledge management?


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