You’ve been messing where you shouldn’t have been

Texas Department of Transportation sues to protect trademark “Don’t Mess with Texas.” Houston Chronicle, September 15, 2013 B9

There are, I am sure,  journals that follow developments in intellectual property law. I don’t, as a general rule.  And I may give short shrift to the intellectual property components of information governance and information management, which is a shame, because IP is a great example. Clearly, that information has value and corporations take steps to protect that value.  I hadn’t given a lot of thought to whether States and cities trademarked their slogans.  Apparently, several (e.g., New York, Las Vegas, and Colorado) do. Here’s a blog post (I don’t endorse the blog, just mention it in passing) .

The headline of this post sort of kind of comes from “These Boots Were Made for Walking,” by Nancy Sinatra. Written by Lee Hazlewood.  It seemed to fit.


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