Antivirus software for your smart phone

“Samsung to Install Antivirus Software in Android Phones,” Wall Street Journal, September 4, 2013

I try hard to avoid focusing too much on IT security issues, as there are other blogs and resources dedicated to that, and that do a better job. But IT and security around IT assets are major parts of the information management puzzle.

That being said, what would happen if the data in your smart phone were hacked?  What would your business do if the smart phones of its employees were hacked?

Two pages later in The Wall Street Journal (B5)(, Eugene Kaspersky, the CEO of an antivirus software business, says Android-based phones are for now the biggest target.  Apple’s iPhone, being a closed system, is down the road, and in a sense more vulnerable because of the lack of a market for Apple virus software.  Also mentions that potential targets for cyber sabotage or cyber terrorism include power plants, power grids, transportation, health care, and finances. There’s also a video, too.


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