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‘Supply Data Lift Prices of Natural Gas”

Prices jump “after government data showed a smaller-than-expected increase in the amount of gas in storage….”  Wall Street Journal, August 23, 2013. C4.  While the link between information and price is axiomatic in the trading business, why not more focus on the value of accurate and timely information in business generally?

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“Death Keeps Typewriters Alive, Clacking”

Continuing market for typewriters for death certificates, federal prisons, search warrants.  One company sells 3,000+ units a year. Wall Street Journal, August 23, 2013 A1.  I remember a cartoon of the executive at a slide rule company leaning back in his chair and musing something like “We’ll still be around when this computer fad runs its course.”

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“After Nasdaq Shutdown, It’s Time for Electronic Markets to Shape Up or Face Regulators”

NASDAQ shut down for three hours.

 When information is your business ….

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“Obama administration asks Supreme Court to allow warrantless cellphone searches”

Washington Post, August 19, 2013. Online  Does the distinction between whether the records are taken from your cell provider or whether they just take them from your phone?  Is your smartphone an “effect” protected by the Fourth Amendment against unreasonable searches?  What if there’s confidential or personal information there?  Attorney-client communications?

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“Emmett accuses attorney of leaking pre-K opinion”

Houston Judge says he does not trust the county attorney general’s office after the leak to news media of a legal opinion.  County attorney’s office says breach was not deliberate. Houston Chronicle, August 22, 2013 B2.  Waiver doesn’t require a deliberate breach, does it?

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“Review Cites Bloomberg’s Lapses With Client Data”

Failure to limit its reporters’ access to subscriber data “due to internal ‘misunderstandings.'”  No “evidence of widespread abuse.” Wall Street Journal, August 22, 2013 B3.

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“Is Your Boyfriend Cheating On You? Need A Detective? Just Get The App”

Brazilian app that tracks your boyfriend’s phone pulled from Google store.  Still available on creator’s website.  August 22, 2013.  Fox News, Latino.


Scary stuff.


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“Secret Court Raps NSA Snooping”

“The [NSA] violated the Constitution for three years….”  FISA court ruling.  Wall Street Journal, August 22, 2013, A1.

“substantial misrepresentation regarding the scope….”

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“Goldman’s Misfire Rattles Options,”

Technical glitch in software results in Goldman mistakenly placing option orders at below-market prices.  Could cost hundreds of millions of dollars.  Wall Street Journal, August 21, 2013 C1. What controls were in place to prevent this?  Who manages the internal software?

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“Next wave of surveillance: facial scans”

Software to scan crowds with video cameras and identify people by their faces.  Houston Chronicle, August 21, 2013 A4. Is there a use for this in the workplace?

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