Yosemite fire threatens San Francisco water supply

http://bit.ly/1467BwH.  Houston Chronicle, August 27, 2013 A2.

What do fire and water have to do with information governance?  If you had a business in San Francisco and your water was cut off, how would you continue to operate?  Would you have access to the information you need?  Would customers be able to contact you if your workforce didn’t come to the office?

The business management principle is business continuity. How do you plan for these disruptions?  What information is critical to your continued operation?

In the early 1990’s, I was with Amoco in Chicago, in what is now the Aon Building at 200 East Randolph.  The tunnels underneath the building flooded, disrupting the network servers.  No email.  What would your business do without network connections for a day or two?

Is that information management? Who owns the planning for this type of event?

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